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festival of choices

Festival of Choices

13 - 16 June 2019, 12 - 6pm



Opening: Friday 14th of June, 6pm - sunset

Performance - "Sleepeels"
Mariah Blue
Fri 14.06.2019 / 6:30pm — 7:30pm, 7:30pm — 8:30pm
Sat 15.06.2019 / 2pm — 3pm

Sound performance - "Sonic Meditation and vibrating Bodies"
Mariah Blue, Tina Reden
Sun 16.06.2019 / 12pm — 1:30pm

Zone2source, Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark 4, Amsterdam


staircase, Kathrin Graf


Torpor / A Bliss / A Slump

Opening: Friday 10th of May 18.00-21.00
Location: STAIRCASE at Haarlemmerweg 613, 1055PS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Door open: by appointment from 11th to 12th of May (+31643704170)

It’s amazing how much time it takes to become someone these days. I see reflections of a former self in the window and ask the owner to let me smash it. To not conform to a stereotype is a painful process, but also one that can be quite comforting. Let me show you a picture of my aunt. Are people who take certain drugs, liars? Go ask your friend something about yourself. Identity doesn’t really matter so much in these situations, the rooms are still filled of our belongings, there is nobody out there, streets are neat, the men at H18 still look at us intensely. We scattered some things on the stairs waiting for the dogs to come. Never came. Invite some people, do not stretch too much, can you fit into the dimension of your image, we are fried inside ourselves tonight, they still feel like blisses all these warblings out there to satiate the hunger that de-defines our spite version. Something will remain, the remains are still there, remains will be gestural.

Torpor / A Bliss / A Slump is a three day intervention in the staircase of Haarlemmerweg 613, 1055PS, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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Anouk Asselineau | Anna Maria Balint | Mariah Blue | Mark Buckeridge | Kathrin Graf | Jesper Henningsson | Miriam Kongstad | Alexander Kuusik | Pedro Matias | Lana Murdochy | Wyatt Niehaus | Julie Pusztai | Tina Reden | Yara Said | Aleksandr Sergienko | Younwon Sohn | Dimitris Theocharis | Lieselot Versteeg | Myrto Vratsanou | Klara Waara | Amy Winstanley


November 8th, 19:00-23:00

November 9th -11th, 12:00-17:00

Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam



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A_E M E T, Radion, Amsterdam (NL)

Mariah Blue | Mark Buckeridge | Kathrin Graf | Lana Murdochy | Wyatt Niehaus | Julie Pusztai | Tina Reden | Younwon Sohn | Amy Winstanley

31 May 2018, 8 pm

Louwesweg 1
1066 EA Amsterdam


Art Cologne
18 - 22 April 2018
Hall 11.3, Booth A41



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Bonner Kunstverein Jahresgaben 2017

Israel Aten, Otto Beckmann, Karla Black, Louisa Clement, Harold Cohen, Matt Connors, Richard Deacon, Michael Dean, Jeremy Deller, Kathrin Graf, Anthea Hamilton, Lothar Hempel, Sture Johannesson, Eva Kot`átková, Helen Marten, Katharina Monka, Josephine Pryde, Jennifer Tee, Fredrik Værslev, Alex Wissel

Jahresgaben dinner & preview
Thursday 30 November, 7pm

Opening Friday, 1 December 2017, 7pm
Exhibition continuees until 21 January 2018